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Mile High Weeds

Sustainable Coastlines have been an amazing help to us this past year, and last Thursday wasn't any different. After the introduction on the question "why we kill things here in New Zealand" talk by John Sumich, they were handed 'sharks', little toothed...

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Last working bee for 2018!

Our last working bee for 2018 was a Search and Rescue mission: some of the smaller plants, mainly manuka and kanuka planted by Ricoh in August, were getting smothered by dock. Armed with 'sharks', a very useful tool to slash through hands full of stems...

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Donating to Matuku Link

Volunteers are amazing, winning prizes is cool but we still need hard cash to succeed with all of our plans. Especially after the theft of our tools from the barn (which were uninsured and uninsurable because it is still a building site), we could do with...

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The Trusts visit our trust

The Portage and Waitakere Licencing Trusts did a large project two years ago, called "Million Dollar Mission". A handful of charitable organisations, schools and clubs were selected, and Matuku Link was one of the. Everyone could vote once a day for their...

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Looking for a spotless crake

Getting up at 'ridiculous-o-clock' around 4.30 am on Saturday morning might not be everyone's cup of tea, but last week we had a full contingent of volunteers and two Auckland Zoo staff rearing to go and do some surveying! Our aim was to hear puweto, or...

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Second Anniversary Party!

With around 40 others we celebrated the second anniversary of Matuku Link. Funders, friends, family, volunteers: we all shared salads and sausages, went for a walk and tried to spot the bats but found glowworms instead! Most of our guests were suitably...

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Love your Place Awards

John Sumich was the deserving winner of the "Kahikatea" award, for an outstanding individual volunteer taking action on a local environmental issue. As John is tackling all the environmental issues in one, with his "From the Ridges to the Sea" idea, his...

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Barn Building Bee

In between the days John Sumich is running his practice as doctor, he comes to Matuku Link to build the barn... and do loads of other jobs. The past weeks he has been using the materials supplied at 'mates rates' by Placemakers in Cook Street (thank you!)...

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Mayoral Awards – we won!

We thought being a finalist for the 'Restoration' category of the inaugural Mayoral Conservation Awards was already a great effort and quite an achievement. The other finalists in this category were: Restoration of Mangemangeroa Reserve Tararata stream...

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Ricoh – a new link

Ricoh was one of the funders earlier this year for our "Million Metres Streamside Restoration" project, and came last week to help us plant the trees that they helped fundraise for. For of us, Helen from Ricoh, Alaina and Georgie from Million Metres and Annalily from...

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The Naked barn

The fibrolite as cladding might have been a good idea 40-odd years ago, it definitely isn't a good one now. Fibrolite contains asbestos fibers which could cause a specifically nasty kind of lung cancer. It usually takes a decade or more to develop, which...

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August Working Bee

A great working bee was had on Sunday 19th of August, with such good weather people were stripping down to t-shirts and shorts! The non-native willows from the neighbours, shading out our planting areas, got a good haircut by Geoff, who had a great time...

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Unitec Architecture designs

Last year Unitec students Landscape Design worked on a Master Plan for Matuku Link, and did a great job. It resulted in the trust forming clear ideas of "what goes where" in the landscape, and some ingenious solutions we could have never come up with on...

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Track and trace

How do we know we're looking after a very special habitat? Because of the birds that use it! And how do we know who are here? Monitoring and careful observations work well, plus some clever new tools like audio and drone monitoring. Banded rail used to...

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Rebuilding the barn

This time last year, The Trusts donated $5 for each vote for our project...which in our case added up to a whopping $85.125! It was an amazing start to our campaign to raise funds for our Sustainable Wetland Education Center. And one year on, we thought we...

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The roaming robin

Due to our predator control efforts at Matuku Link and further along at Habitat te Henga and the Bethells residents part of the Ark Bufferzone, a lot of native wildlife is doing well. In April, the day after the very successful kayaking fundraiser, some of...

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Pateke parents

Native wildlife is holding its own and more in the wetland. Matt is our contractor for predator control at Habitat te Henga (funded by the Zoo Conservation Fund). Checking his traps he heard spotless crake this weekend, and saw a bittern the time before...

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On track!

A bit of rain turned into a lot of sunshine on the day we had the largest ever Sustainable Coastlines group, full of young and eager volunteers from China. A freshly caught rat was fed to the eels to the surprise and delight of many and after John Sumich...

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Predator control

Predator control at Matuku Link To keep our native birds and plants safe in New Zealand, we need to protect them from pests: stoats, weasels, ferrets, possums, dogs, cats, goats, rabbits... all those nice furry four legged introduced animals. At Matuku...

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The Brownies are Back

Last year the Brownies planted the area in front of our nursery (though the nursery wasn't there yet), this year they came back to check on those plants. And they have grown! The Brownies almost as much as the plants.  But they did much more than that:...

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Sustainable Coastlines

They keep coming! Our partnership with Sustainable Coastlines now evolved into at least two groups a month joining us for work at Matuku Link. Under Amy's enthusiastic guidance, the volunteers from all over the world help with weeding, planting and general...

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