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On track!

A bit of rain turned into a lot of sunshine on the day we had the largest ever Sustainable Coastlines group, full of young and eager volunteers from China. A freshly caught rat was fed to the eels to the surprise and delight of many and after John Sumich...

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Predator control

Predator control at Matuku Link To keep our native birds and plants safe in New Zealand, we need to protect them from pests: stoats, weasels, ferrets, possums, dogs, cats, goats, rabbits... all those nice furry four legged introduced animals. At Matuku...

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The Brownies are Back

Last year the Brownies planted the area in front of our nursery (though the nursery wasn't there yet), this year they came back to check on those plants. And they have grown! The Brownies almost as much as the plants.  But they did much more than that:...

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Sustainable Coastlines

They keep coming! Our partnership with Sustainable Coastlines now evolved into at least two groups a month joining us for work at Matuku Link. Under Amy's enthusiastic guidance, the volunteers from all over the world help with weeding, planting and general...

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Awesome tenant needed

As our current caretaker and tenant Anita is leaving for Napier, we're looking for another awesome person or couple to rent the Matuku Link house. The house will be further insulated in the coming weeks, ready for rent per 1st of July. We are looking for a...

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Orakei House repurposed

A passionate conservationist and generous philanthropist, left his house to his best friend, who is one of our trustees. In turn, he donated the house, which was going to be demolised, to Matuku Link to be used as materials for the Sustainable Wetland...

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Trustee John Sumich is "Doctor John Sumich" when he's working... as is his daughter, 'young Doctor Sumich'! She also got roped in to follow in John's footsteps and give a hand with the installation of the plastic side covers for the open part of the barn,...

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Ngai Tahu visit

When Johnathan Sargisson contacted us to see if he could visit Matuku Link with his group of tamariki from Ngai Tahu, as part of their Taiao Mokihi Wananga - mokihi (reed raft) building workshop, of course we said yes! Great to hear about groups who...

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Project K visiting

What do a flooding, a rahui and tiny Carex plants have in common? All of them were the reason the yearly Project K groups (through the Graeme Dingle Foundation) came to help out Matuku Link. At Karanga Camp, Annalily gave a presentation about how our work...

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The floods and storms of February, March and April this year were severe: with 180.000 houses without power in March, let's hope it is the "30 year storm" and not a regular event. For us at Matuku Link we were 'only' without power for five days, which did...

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Kayak Day

On Sunday April 7th we had our first ever VIP Kayak Day. Visitors fortunate enough to have a ticket, were rewarded with a glorious sunny day, turning hazy and slightly drizzly in the afternoon for the last group. But even that group was happy and one...

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Our Working Bees

Our volunteers seem to like our working bees, the shared lunch or the chance to walk around bare chested: whatever it is, you can join us! We usually try to see an eel, or some of our resident pateke might come and say hello. Tui song and flittering visits...

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Love our Working Bees

Our volunteers seem to like our working bees (or the donated Nice Blocks ice creams, or the shared lunch): almost two dozen showed up to help us with cleaning up after the storm, clearing the grass from the plants, constructing the nursery and many more...

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Thank you volunteers!

The volunteers from Sustainable Coastlines came out for a second time! We had a variety of tasks they were happy to attack: relocate some plants, to replace the few which didn't survive the drought, dig a drain for the barn, clear out the shed & recycle the contents,...

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World Rivers Day – donate now

On 15th of March the whole world is celebrating their rivers... and we aim to celebrate by reaching our funding goal for stream side planting. The best way to care for a river is to ensure its water stays cool and its banks won't erode: riparian planting...

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Growing Matuku Link

We're aiming for 750 metres of stream restoration planting...and with two weeks to go, are looking for funding for the last 2/3rds! If you’ve flown last year, or are thinking of flying in 2018, why not compensate your CO2 emission with a donation towards...

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World Wetland Day

Celebrating World Wetland Day at Matuku Link! World Wetland Day is worth celebrating, especially since we don’t have much of if left in New Zealand. Easy to drain for farming or houses, over 90% of our wetlands have gone, and with it the habitat for our native birds...

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Kayak Tour Sold Out

Sold out! This one off paddle venture is to raise funds for Matuku Link, on Saturday 7th April 2018, several starting times.
The navigable part of Waitakere river is accessible only from private land and on this one day, access will be allowed.

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Sustainable Coastlines group

A keen group of volunteers from all over the world came to Matuku Link through Sustainable Coastlines, digging a trench for our waterpipe, clearing the fenceline, shoveling a truckload of gravel from the nursery to the education centre,...

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Working Bees 2018

Wanting to get fit? “Enjoy nature” or “Learn more about native plants”” on your New Years’ resolution list? Or would you like good company and a way to give back to the environment and your community? All of the reasons above, and many more, should lead to...

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Seed Saving

A group of very interested volunteers were led by Geoff Davidson (from Oratia Native Nursery as well as a Matuku Link trustee) to collect the seeds of many different species of the end of the day I hope the others remembered more than I did! If we hadn't...

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