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Big Green Day Out

For the second year in a row, the team of Ricoh showed up en masse for the Big Green Day Out! Great to have such an enthusiastic team of people helping us to plant, weed and learn about the environment. The weeding was around the trees which were planted...

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June Working Bee

Despite the forecast, it only rained once... and with perfect timing, it came down at noon: a great excuse to pack up and have lunch. A very well deserved lunch it was, with all the tasks John had in mind for today, over and done with. Yeah! And even some...

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Winter Working Bees

Winter Working Bees are usually all about water: rain from above, levels rising in the river, making the soil nice and muddy... a great time to do weeding (soft soil is so much easier to pull roots out of), planting, re-potting and with young ones (of all...

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Alsco Planting Day

What a day!!! We couldn't have asked for better weather or a more enthusiastic bunch of people last Sunday. A large group of Alsco employees and other supporters of the Million Metres project came out to Matuku Link for a family day to help us 'search and...

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Future predator control

Looking after our forest and wetland at Matuku Link is hard work: baiting, trapping, weeding, planting... and with all of your help we're doing it well. But in a mast year like this, extreme fruiting triggered by two warm winters, not only the birds are...

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Kiwi Conservation Club

Our volunteer Derek March led the Kiwi Conservation Club (, the junior conservationist group, on a trip through Matuku Link celebrating the life and love of eels. With KCC coordinators Jean and Raewyn, everyone enjoyed the talk, the walk,...

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May Working Bee with Pest

May Working Bee - trapping and baiting instructions Sunday 19th May - 10 am to 1 pm, followed by a shared lunch (optional but recommended!), 111 Bethells Road. As well as our regular Working Bee work (eating ice creams, having a natter, enjoying the...

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April Working Bee

This working bee Sunday started with fog, clouds and drizzle...and it is the last day of the school holidays, so I didn't expect many helping hands. It turned out to be the opposite! Some Kiwi Conservation Club ( families, raising the next...

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Rusty roof no more

Thanks to an amazing grant of $40.000 from TTCF, The Trusts Community Foundation, we were able to get our roof replaced, just before the winter rains set in. A team of hard working men from ReelRoofing did a fine job installing the sheets of pre-painted...

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A Starry Night

Usually Ark in the Park and Forest & Bird Waitakere run 'Nightwalks with Nature' in summer near the Ark headquarters at the Cascades car park. But due to kauri dieback restrictions, that is out of bounds so they partnered up with Matuku Link to do "A Night...

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April Working bee on 28th

As most people will be doing other things (Easter egg hunt?) on our usual Third Sunday of the month in April, we're getting together on the Fourth Sunday in stead. So our next Working Bee will be on: Sunday 28th of April, from 10 am We hope to see you...

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VIP Kayak Day a success

VIP Kayak Day very successful! Thanks to all our volunteers, the Auckland Kayak and Canoe Club and their volunteers, all our patrons and don't forget the weather, our VIP kayak day went really well and we saw smiling faces all around us. Even the people...

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Traps, traps, more traps

In an effort to control possums, trustee John Sumich and volunteer Anko placed self-resetting GoodNature A12 traps around the northern perimeter. It will help control the possums, as does our baiting regime and other traps we have out there. But having...

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TTCF grant money!

The goal of repurposing the existing old barn into a Sustainable Wetland Education Centre is now much closer with $40,000 to be spend on a new roof, insulation and a new waste water treatment system. The removal of the asbesthos cladding from the barn was...

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The Open Day in pictures

It felt a bit like a birthday party...and in a way it was: World Wetlands Day at Matuku Link! With cakes, candles, ice creams, picnicking families and hungry eels, it definitely was a party like no other. A lot of people already knew each other from...

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A Night in the Bufferzone

A night walk on Saturday 13th of April, from 6 to 8 pm.  Discover night life in the area around Ark in the Park, our largest conservation project, this time in the Bufferzone at Matuku Link: possibly pateke, glow worms and giant moths and maybe even bats!...

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VIP Kayak Day

A huge success last year, we're repeating this once-a-year opportunity to of a one-off paddle to raise funds for Matuku Link. The navigable part of Waitākere River is accessible only from private land and on this one day, access will be allowed. Saturday...

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Thank you Friends

We can't do what we do without our sponsors. We had huge support from the Native Forest Restoration Trust, the Natural Environment Fund, Forest & Bird Waitakere, Friends of Regional Parks, Waitakere Ranges Protection Society, many, many individual donors and generous...

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World Wetlands Day Open Day

We'll celebrate World Wetland Day on Saturday 2nd February 2019 with our annual Open Day at Matuku Link - from 10 am to 3 pm. Stalls from other conservation organisations will display info on wetlands, birds and ecosystems, there will be food, drinks and...

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New Year, new bee

Thanks to all our volunteers at the first working bee of 2019! Five new volunteers (one a nine year old grandchild) and fifteen 'old hands' did a great job in clearing weeds, filling holes with gravel and stones, joyriding at the back of the trailer (don't...

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Fire brigade to the rescue

A big "thank you" to the volunteers from the Bethells Valley Fire Brigade. Not only are they our neighbours, they also re-filled our water tank for the nursery, rescuing our plants from parching...and relieving our volunteers from carrying lots and lots of...

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