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Up The River – Gillian Candler & Ned Barraud   $19.99

The sixth title in the award-winning ‘explore & discover’ series, Up the River: Explore & discover New Zealand’s rivers, lakes and wetlands gives children an opportunity to look under the surface and see what special creatures live, around New Zealand’s freshwater habitats – our creeks, rivers, lakes and wetlands. Included in this title are animals ranging from the familiar Pūkeko to the rarely seen bittern, from the iconic eel to tiny whitebait, and some of the many barely known aquatic insects.


In the Bush – Gillian Candler & Ned Barraud  $19.99

In the Bush is the fourth title in the popular and award-winning ‘explore & discover’ series. The successful author and illustrator combination of Gillian Candler and Ned Barraud, turn their attention to the New Zealand bush and its iconic animals and plants. Young readers will be fascinated to learn more about familiar creatures as well as discover other intriguing plants and animals and see how they relate to each other in the forest ecosystem. Learn about pests and other dangers to our native wildlife and catch a glimpse of animals and plants that thrive in wildlife sanctuaries.


From Moa to Dinosaurs – Gillian Candler & Ned Barraud   $19.99

Go back in time to explore ancient forests, lakes and the seas around Zealandia, and discover unique survivors and long-extinct animals that once made this land their home. This beautifully illustrated and highly informative book is aimed at children from pre-schoolers up and anyone curious about New Zealand’s ancient past and the animals that have lived here.


Where Is It? – Ned Barraud  $19.99

Every double-page spread illustrates a different habitat, including the forest, the mountains, the beach, the ocean, estuaries and wildlife sanctuaries. In each of these habitats, there are many different creatures to be found, some easy, some more hidden. Aimed at 4-7 age group, this book is a rich resource for parents and teachers.


Whose Beak Is This? – Gillian Candler  $14.99

Whose Beak is This? lets children guess the identity of iconic New Zealand birds from the pictures of their beaks, while finding out some facts about the birds along the way. This fun approach introduces an important science concept about adaptation – birds’ beaks are a very obvious adaptation to the kind of food they eat.


Incredible Journeys – Ned Barraud  $21.99

Many New Zealand’s animals make incredible journeys as part of their everyday lives.  In this book from leading author and illustrator Ned Barraud, he uncovers the mystery behind where many of our animals go.


It’s My Egg (And You Can’t Have It!) – Heather Hunt  $19.99

It’s my Egg (and you can’t have it) is both beautiful, but powerful. It captures the reality of life for a kiwi trying to hatch an egg, fending off attacks from cats and dogs, and ultimately being saved from stoat predation by trapping.


New Zealand Nature Heroes – Gillian Candler $29.99

A handbook that aims to inspire kids to become empowered and involved in protecting our environment. New Zealand Nature Heroes is designed to inspire and empower New Zealand kids to be naturalists and conservationists.  Aimed at the 8-14 age range, the book features stories of 15 different nature heroes, people, who, in the past, or currently, are working to protect and understand New Zealand’s natural world.

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Up the River, In the Bush, From Moa to Dinosaurs, Where Is It?, Whose Beak Is This?, Incredible Journeys, It's My Egg, New Zealand Nature Heroes