Our working bees are always on the Third Sunday of the month, from 10 am to 1 pm. The last one of 2019 is on Sunday 15th of December.

We’ll keep going in 2020:

  • Sunday January 19th
  • Sunday February 16th
  • Sunday March 15th

A big “thank you” to all of you who have came along before, and a big “welcome” to new volunteers! We start at 10 am as (although some eager beavers are usually there from 8.30 am) and keep going until 1 pm, followed by a shared lunch (optional). We provide hot drinks and cold water, home made soup and bread and usually some really good and vegetarian other options! Sometimes we even have ice creams… Over lunch is a good time to share stories and get to know the other volunteers you’re working with on this amazing project.

There is no public transport unfortunately but ample parking spots, and the opportunity to go to the beach afterwards. Let us know if you’ve got any questions, otherwise just turn up at 111 Bethells Road, with suitable gear (sunscreen and/or rain coats) and sturdy, CLEAN, footwear and gear. “Lickable clean” is the standard!  If it’s not 100% mud/soil free, we will provide you with brushes and trigene to get it to that point. This is important because we are kauri dieback free, and like to keep it this way.

The Summer Working Bees will focus on “Search and Rescue”: find the white sticks in the tall grass and fields of weeds, and rescue the plants we planted there by removing all the weeds which are keeping our plants from growing or photosynthesizing… If the weather is horrible, we’ll work in the nursery potting up plants (or just get soaked!). Usually there is also a group of us doing other tasks around constructing paths, helping build the barn, providing baking for the volunteers, trapping etcetera. If there is anything you specifically like to do, contact us.

Hope to see you next time! – Annalily & the trustees

PS We also host several business groups per year, as a team building exercise, educational experience or to see where their funding is going. If you think this is for you, drop me a line at matukulink@gmail.com.

Images by our voluntary professional photographers Jacqui Geux, Stefan Marks and myself.