2018 was an amazing year: we’ve been working on Matuku Link since January 2017 and it’s unbelievable all we’ve accomplished in two years’ time. Volunteer hours donated have been going up and up, from groups like Sustainable Coastlines helping out several times a month and Ricoh holding their annual family day at Matuku Link to Project K students and primary school children to our monthly working bees. For 2018 we’ve clocked up:

  • 4006 volunteer hours worked
  • 300 ice creams eaten (thank you Nice Blocks, they are the best!)
  • 10 ‘sharks’ (garden niwashi slashers) bought, only one broken
  • 5 m2 concrete bits¬† moved
  • 3 cars and 1 truck getting stuck (and unstuck)
  • 16 lunches shared
  • thousands in funds raised
  • 4 pateke moved in
  • hundreds of photos taken
  • 9 m2 potting mix used
  • 3 matuku (bittern) captured in one photograph
  • one nursery build
  • 3 ‘once in a hundred year’ floods
  • two new tenants welcomed (Marjolijn and Wayne)
  • one Open Day held
  • approximately 1700 plants planted
  • 40 litres of soup enjoyed
  • 35000 views of ML facebook posts
  • 5 kg of coffee plunged
  • 4 portaloo clean outs
  • 13 puweto (spotless crake) heard during the survey
  • 3/4th of a barn clad
  • 35 tools stolen
  • 81 VIP kayak visitors
  • 19 meetings by trustees & friends
  • at least 13 friendships made!

And I’m sure I’ve missed some ;).

Thank you, thank you, thank you, from all of us.

Annalily & trustees.

Most images by our voluntary professional photographer Jacqui Geux or Stefan Marks – thank you!