What a great day to plant a 50th Forest for Anko’s birthday! Beautiful weather (though a bit windy, look at my hair!), lovely company, great cakes… and we planted our 100 trees as well as some extra flaxes and grasses! Thank you to everyone, from all over the world, who donated trees and to those of you locally who also helped us plant them.

THANK YOU!!! It was a day Anko and I will remember. And in a couple of years (my 60th!) we can have another picnic there and we will be sheltered from the westerlies by the trees planted this past weekend. What an amazing, long living gift to our environment. 

With love, 

Anko & Annalily 

PS If you ever thought of leaving a legacy like this: yes, we can do something similar for your special occasion. Just send an email to matukulink@gmail.com.

Click on the pictures to admire them fully. Thank you Gaye for adding yours!