Remember how we started when we got the keys to Matuku Link in January 2017? Every working bee was about rubbish, cleaning up and clearing out. A lot of the work focussed around the old, ‘well ventilated’ barn, with the vision to restore it and turn it into our Sustainable Wetland Education Centre.

Two-and-a-half years later, we’ve been enjoying many cup of tea in the barn, sheltering from the rain with volunteers, business groups or school children, made in our temporary “kitchen” with donated cups and Girl Guide cookies. Thanks to the “Million Dollar Mission” grant of $85.000 from The Trusts, we were able to buy materials and get the asbestos professionally removed. TTCF gave another $40.000 towards our new roof and Natural Flow wastewater treatment system. But we are most grateful and supported by all the people who so generously gave and are giving their time and expertise to this project: lawyers, builders, electricians, plumbers, handymen and women, designers, architects, doctors, students…

Sometimes it is hard to see how much has happened if you only see incremental changes each month, that is why I’ve collated some images of the process of our barn becoming our education center… for all to see, share and be proud of their part in it!

With a very special mention to our trustee John Sumich, who has been instrumental not only in his vision for the property, but specifically with his incredible supply of energy and enthusiasm on site, leading the teams and charging ahead, restoring the ecosystem as well as the barn!

Happy scrolling (click on an image to enlarge, then on the arrow to the right to go the the next one).