Once you’ve made the ponds, you’ve got to replant them before it becomes a wetland habitat for the birds… but how to plant grasses in the deepest parts? You plant them in bales of straw of course! Last Saturday an enthusiastic team of volunteers cheered on John and Chris, who were braving the cold in bare legs in the water, maneuvering the bales with carex to exactly the right spot…. now let’s hope all the different grasses and trees planted around the ponds will grow well to provide food, shelter and housing for the birds. We regularly hear and see puweto (spotless crake), matata (fernbird) and of course our little pateke (brown teal).

And yes, a lot of other work was done as well ;). Thank you for joining us at the planting day, many hands make light work.

Hope to see you there next time! – Annalily & the trustees