Thanks to Auckland Council’s Community Coordinator Fund, we have been able to engage Brian Ireland to make our first ever education plan. With his experience at big projects like Zealandia, Auckland Zoo, Rotoroa and many others, we’re super stoked we were able to convince him to help a slightly smaller, but equally ambitious project! He told us:

“Matuku Links range of habitats in toto and its wetland areas in particular allow
delivery of an expansive and diverse suite of experiential education programmes
deliverable to students of all ages unmatched by any other LEOTC provider.”

We’re starting with primary schools and will offer a program for year 4, 6 and 8, which means they will visit us every second year. Some of the planned activities to expand their young minds are bird spotting with GPS devices to find the toy birds, binoculars to spot and to read their leg bands and for older ages we can go into telemetry as well! Stream monitoring with field kits, nets, buckets, ID charts and live capture traps. Because the average of our schools is decile 4,5 we’re also looking to buy some rain ponchos and gumboots in different sizes to make sure everyone stays warm and dry in winter. To be able to give all the students the best possible experience, we’re aiming for small groups. As we can only afford one educator at the moment, we’re looking to form a small team volunteers of trained educators to help us once a month. You don’t have to have a background as a teacher, as Brian will take you through everything, but if you do… you would be very very welcome!

Hope to hear what you think and if you’re interested or want to know more, please contact me at or on 021 2207136. All the best, Annalily