The deputy principal of our local Henderson North school brought a group of his teaching team out to Matuku Link. They were impressed with what we could offer and we were impressed by their enthousiasm. Together we wrote a funding application for WeSteam funding through COMET, which was accepted! This made it possible to do more than just host their students at Matuku Link – we also took our science based wetland project to their school! Their teaching team delivered seven topics, Leah, Rebecca and myself did another three, on topics like fresh water, birds (endemic, native and introduced), plants and weeds, pests, wetland threats, eels…. The students visited each ‘station’ and had twenty minutes with each of the ten topics, mostly doing experiments or other hands-on activities. 

We’re super stoked we are able to deliver this, as it fit all our criteria: a local school, a group of passionate teachers extending their knowledge, reaching enthusiastic students who otherwise might not get out to Matuku Link, to a forest or wetland, showing science is fun and exciting and has real-life benefits. The teachers will be preparing their students this week for their visit (per class) over the next three weeks. 

Unfortunately we can only do this when we receive funding… if you have ideas on how to extend this program to other schools, through sponsorship or other methods, please get in touch with our educator Leah Nielsen at

We love seeing the next generation of kaitiaki super engaged with science and nature, one of the four aims of our trust along with restoration, protection and inspiration!

Annalily & the trustees of Matuku Link.