As written by Linda Ruthe:

When Liz March (local photographer), needed to take photos of Kauri, she kindly invited me to go with her to Matuku Link. There, we dutifully disinfected our shoes and walked up a track to where Kauri grow amongst companions. I spent some time alone in this lovely place, further along the track, as Liz began taking her photos.
Later, when I wanted to check on her progress, I heard, and saw, something tumble slowly from high above us, to land softly at the base of a Kauri tree, close to Liz.
Curious, I walked closer, and saw that it was a keruru that had landed, wings outstretched on the ground, as if in obeisance to Tane Mahuta. As we watched, marvelling at its beauty, it convulsed a few times, then slowly closed its eyes in death.

All images by Liz March.