May Working Bee – trapping and baiting instructions

Sunday 19th May – 10 am to 1 pm, followed by a shared lunch (optional but recommended!), 111 Bethells Road.

As well as our regular Working Bee work (eating ice creams, having a natter, enjoying the sun…oops, I mean: weeding, planting, potting, watering and building), we will be doing a bit of predator control today. Anyone who is interested in learning how to help out our native flora and fauna by getting rid of pests, is welcome. Just let me know so I’ve got the right number of traps to give a demo with.

Currently we’ve got three teams doing a sterling job of checking and resetting our traps to catch rats and stoats, and a group of people looking after our ‘bait lines’: plastic boxes filled with a rat and possum bait (toxin). We would love to expand this group so we can really  knock down the numbers before we head into winter.

Especially with this year of high fruiting (another mast year, similar to 2014), it is vital to do this now, before the rats run out of berries to eat and start on our birds… High rat numbers are followed by high stoat numbers, which is an even bigger disaster as by then our birds will be at their most vulnerable, on their nests or with chicks.

Let me know if you’re coming, 09-8326408 or 021-2207136 or

Hope to see you there! Annalily