Our Tuesdays at the Nursery have been going since the beginning of 2021, and are a weekly event I’m always looking forward to as it is so nice to be with likeminded people sharing stories about plants, life, art… The Waitakere Rivercare volunteers Derek, Jenny, Colleen and Mark take turns leading our group, with Andrea, Janette and  John stallwards on Tuesdays and Gillian, Leesi, Carly, John R and myself joining them as often as we can. 

Thanks to all the hard work the nursery has never looked better but we can always do with more hands on deck!

Let me know if you’re interested, we usually work from 9 am to noon, with a good coffee break in the middle. Some people start a bit later, others stop a bit earlier – it is a pretty flexible set up.

Hope to see you soon, Annalily matukulink@gmail.com