Our Tuesday Working Bees started in 2021 with a small team in our nursery. They’ve grown into a weekly event I’m always looking forward to as it is so nice to be with likeminded people sharing stories about plants, life, art… The Waitakere Rivercare volunteers Derek, Jenny, Colleen take turns leading our group with potting up, raising seeds, making cuttings and looking after all our little native trees. A team of dedicated volunteers join them or go out in the field to plant or weed and another team picks up their tools to improve our Wetland Education Centre. Some people have chosen their own dedicated task, others turn up when they can and join in whatever is needed.  

We usually work from 9 am to noon, with a good morning tea break in the middle – most of the time with home baking, all of the time with great coffee from our local roastery. Some people start a bit later, others stop a bit earlier – it is a pretty flexible set up. Please register to let me know you’re coming to keep the group small.

Register HERE if we’re welcoming you for the first time, or connect with me if you’ve got any questions: 0212207136 or hello@matukulink.org.nz

Hope to see you soon, Annalily (project manager, head of fundraising and cake baking)