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Buy a wetland giant for your own wetland

We have some beautiful healthy kahikatea in our nursery surplus to our requirements. Currently they are averaging 80 cm high, between 3 and 5 years old. This is your chance to buy one or several of these wetland giants which will grow for hundreds of years and grow up to 60m tall. They are grown by our volunteers in our on-site nursery from from eco-sourced seed from our area - the Waitākere river valley. A tree for your own wetland, or to give to someone very special. Come for a visit and select the one you want.

Kahikatea are sometimes described as ‘dinosaur trees’; they have been around since the Jurassic period (199 to 145 million years ago). These important wetland trees are New Zealand’s tallest growing tree species, growing up to 60m tall. Once dominating wetlands, it is estimated that 98% of pre-european kahikatea forests have been lost nationwide. Juvenile kahikatea have flat, brown coloured foliage which protects the saplings from too much sunlight. Young kahikatea take up to 250 years to reach maturity and could live for up to 600 years. Female kahikatea produce purple/black seeds above a fleshy red “berry”, a favourite food of many of our native birds.

All profits are used to support our wetland conservation work.

If you're interested in a larger number of plants or trees (10+), or are looking to purchase for a conservation project, we have discounts available. Contact us to discuss at hello@matukulink.org.nz.

Would you rather donate a tree to our project? Great! Have a look at this link here.

PICK UP ONLY - Sorry, we can't ship these! Contact us to set a time - 021 692 2016 or hello@matukulink.org.nz