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Totara trees

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Buy a forest giant for your own forest

We have some beautiful healthy totara in our nursery surplus to our requirements. Currently they are approximately 40 cm high, 3 years old. This is your chance to buy one or several of these forest giants which will grow for hundreds of  years. They are grown by our volunteers in our on-site nursery from from ecosourced seed from our area - the Waitakere river valley. A tree for your own garden or forest, or to give to someone very special. Come for a visit and select the one you want.

The trunk of the Totara symbolises life and growth. It reaches down towards Papatuanuku and up towards Ranginui at the same time, forming a link between the two primal parents, separated by Tane, the Atua of the forests. (researchnet.ac.nz)
Tōtara is a forest giant, with a massive woody trunk that holds aloft thousands of sharp needle-like leaves. The name 'tōtara' is probably a reference to these spiky leaves, as the word tara in Māori means spike or thorn and is used for other spiky animals and plants. (meaningoftrees.com)

All profits are used to support our wetland conservation work.

If you're interested in a larger number of plants or trees, contact us to discuss at hello@matukulink.org.nz. At the moment we're still growing to revegetate our own wetlands, but we are interested to hear how we can help others.

Rather donate a tree to our project? Great! Have a look at this link here.

A totara tree to plant - in your own garden or to gift to someone very special. Currently approximately 40 cm high, 3 years old.

PICK UP ONLY - Sorry, we can't ship these! Contact us to set a time - 0212207136 or hello@matukulink.org.nz