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Where Is It?

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Where Is It? - Ned Barraud  $19.99

Every double-page spread illustrates a different habitat, including the forest, the mountains, the beach, the ocean, estuaries and wildlife sanctuaries. In each of these habitats, there are many different creatures to be found, some easy, some more hidden. Aimed at 4-7 age group, this book is a rich resource for parents and teachers.



"It's cool! It's a book with all my favorite animals, and I saw a Matuku!
It has snowy mountains that looked like Whakapapa but different. The Kingfisher was fast and dived under the water and opened Its beak really wide. 
Some animals looked very cool. A few were a little scary looking, but it was interesting.  
I like finding the animals.
I just like it!"
Onyx, 5yrs