If you are getting under your partner’s feet, have seen enough of each other during the lock down or just want a change of scenery, why not join our merry team of Weekday Volunteers?

We’re setting up a group of people who like to come to Matuku Link for the day, either once a week or once a fortnight, to help us build our Sustainable Wetland Education Center, or to work in the nursery, if we have a couple of enthusiastic people. Grow your skills or mentor others while supporting us in our aims to restore our wetland, make it accessible for groups and people of all abilities, and enjoy yourself while you’re at it!

It is a new initiative so we are still working out the details. Contact me if you are interested (or register your partner!), via 09-8326408, 021-2207136 or matukulink@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you! Best, Annalily