Another sold out VIP Kayak Day! A huge success, with more than 80 people enjoying the wetland from a different perspective, having access through private properties otherwise not accessible. Some saw matuku (bittern) which was definitely a highlight, others saw waterfowl like our endangered pateke (brown teal) or kuruwhengi (shoveler). Everyone enjoyed the display made by a flock of fat kereru (wood pidgeon) reluctantly leaving berry laden ti kouka (cabbage trees) on the wetland edge.

Not only is this day our biggest annual fundraiser, it also is a great opportunity for people to engage with our project, with what we do, with the wetland… and hopefully make some new connections. This year I spoke with a couple of possible new volunteers, a number of teachers (great contacts for our Education Program), and lot of interested locals and supporters.

All of this has been made possible by our amazing volunteers: being guides on the water, helping to launch kayaks, bringing baking, making soups, frying sausages, pouring coffee, loading kayaks, registering people etc etc. A very special “thank you” goes out to the Western Bay Sea Scouts – especially to their volunteer Brian Harvey who not only lends us their kayaks, but brings them to us as well! Let’s hope it will be just as much fun next year.

Annalily & the trustees

All images by our voluntary professional photographer Stefan Marks – thank you!