Has it been six years already? Yes it has! Four trustees bought Matuku Link in November 2016 and we’ve been fundraising ever since… this time we hope to welcome you at our Fundraising Film Night – the incredible documentary on New Zealand wetlands “Rohe Kōreporepo – The Swamp, the Sacred Place” – a movie by filmmaker Kathleen Gallagher.

She will join us for a Q & A session on Wednesday 9th November 2022 

Two sessions, 6pm and 8pm, at the classic Lopdell House Theatre in Titirangi. Just $25 per ticket which includes a wine or soft drink, nibbles and good company. Feel free to pay more, all profits will benefit our Te Henga/Bethells wetland restoration.

Buy your tickets now and support your favourite wetland project: matukulink.org.nz/product/movie-night/

Trailer and more info here: www.nzonscreen.com/title/rohe-koreporepo-swamp-sacred-place-2021

This powerful environmental documentary explores the re-flooding, re-creation and restoration of our wetlands by 60 kaitiaki repo/swamp guardians from throughout Aotearoa as they restore our old and intimate relationships with Rohe Kõreporepo, our swamps, our sacred places.

This documentary is a positive ecological story following teams of kaitiaki (guardians) as they work to replant and reflood Aotearoa’s dying wetlands and swamps using mātauranga (traditional Māori knowledge) as their guide. Wetlands and swamps act as “territorial sponges” in the landscape: soaking up rainwater, preventing flooding, recharging groundwater systems and storing carbon. They were also ancient food baskets for Māori. In this extended trailer, local iwi, farmers, artists, scientists and young people from across Aotearoa discuss the unique ecosystems of their rohe kōreporepo — swamps and sacred places.

Feedback on this Film

If you’ve never cried about a swamp, you’ve probably never seen Rohe Kooreporepo. Placing a strong emphasis on Māori voices and perspectives, this film offers a fascinating, hopeful and often heartbreaking survey of the activities and ecology working to protect Aotearoa’s wetlands. Amelia Berry

“This film is outstanding and really highlighted the part wetlands can play in sinking 30% of the world’s carbon. ” Paulette Double, Teacher

Wetlands aren’t just a vital component of the natural environment, to tangata whenua wetlands are a place for resource gathering and making kai, a vital habitat for waterfowl and tuna, raupō and harakeke. In these days of eco-anxiety, we need positive stories like this to show us a way forward.” Rebecca Priestly NZIFF

”In Rohe Kōreporepo we visit some of Aotearoa’s few remaining swamp areas and the people who are preserving, protecting and expanding on what is left, for the good of us all. This is an informative and inspiring wee film that I enjoyed very much.” Graeme Tuckett, Stuff

“A wonderful premiere of your latest ‘chef d’oeuvre’. A fantastic achievement.” Dr Philippe Gerbeaux Department of Conservation .


About the filmmaker

Kathleen Gallagher is a filmmaker and a writer. She received the NZ Playwrights Award in 1993 and the Sonja Davies Peace award in 2004 for her film Tau Te Mauri Breath of Peace. She has authored 3 collections of poetry, 17 full length plays and 8 feature films.

Her films Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku, Water Whisperers Tangaroa and Seven Rivers Walking Haere Mārire have received top audience ratings in both Aotearoa New Zealand and International film Festivals.

Her highly acclaimed novel Earthquakes and Butterflies was published in 2015. Her most recent novel Inangahua Gold was shortlisted in the NZ Heritage Book Awards 2019. She established Wickcandle Film in 2004.

Read the interview with Kathleen Gallanger for FLICKS here for her thoughts and inspiration for this movie.