If you’ve got some time on Tuesday mornings, are interested in helping out and love good company and home baking, join our Tuesday Team! What started with a couple of people looking after the plants in our on-site nursery has evolved into several different activities – based on people’s interests, the weather and what needs to be done most urgently. 

Every Tuesday 9 am till noon, with a good morning tea break in the middle!

Some people might work on the Matuku Link flats looking after our trees: weeding, pulling convolvulus (bindweed), planting in winter. Others are in the nursery taking care of our seedlings, potting up plants, growing the next generation of trees to be planted. And those who like to be on the tools are taking care of our barn, house and wetland education center: building structures, repairing our paths, maintaining everything to a high standard. Training/guidance/tools will be provided if needed.

We’re still looking for some additional home bakers!

We love to see you here. Just note:  no need to bring your own gloves and spades anymore, but if you do: everything needs to be squeaky clean because of kauri dieback. And if it’s the first time you’re coming, please fill in our H&S and tracing form before you come. Click here for the link. Contact me if you have any issues with the form or if you have any other questions.

I’ll be here every Tuesday, rain or shine, with baking.

Nga mihi nui, Annalily 0212207136