Kimberley D’Souza from our friends at Whitebait Connection, who also have helped us installing the fish ladder, came for our first training session on water quality testing. Over the next couple of years we aim to do the testing every second month, at our Working Bee, to keep track of the state of our streams. And hopefully to be able to take action if we notice any deterioration. We’ll be doing the testing after the shared lunch during our monthly Working Bee days so we can involve as  many people as possible, part of our ongoing education and outreach strategy. And it’s fun!

This time the rain came bucketing down when we were trying to start our first testing session, so we just took some water and did the rest of the science sheltering from the rain at the nursery. Next month we’ll be doing the real thing, including checking for macro-invertebrates which should be really interesting!

If you’re interested to join us, make sure you’ll be there at 1.30 pm at our next Sunday Working Bee – 18th of July – for the session with Kimberley. 

Hope to see you there! – Annalily & the trustees