In between the days John Sumich is running his practice as doctor, he comes to Matuku Link to build the barn… and do loads of other jobs. The past weeks he has been using the materials supplied at ‘mates rates’ by Placemakers in Cook Street (thank you!) to construct the missing ‘nogs and studs’ in preparation for the building paper and plywood cladding. Hopefully this will give us some shelter from the rain and wind, as it seems to be more enjoyable outside the barn these days, than inside!

We’re now looking for a couple of sets of extra hands to help steady the ladder, make coffee in the breaks, hold the hammer, lift the plywood, pass the screwdriver… you know the drill: barn raising is teamwork!

Appropriately scheduled for coming Sunday 21st of October: Labour Weekend!!! Let us know if you’re coming and have specific wishes or skills, Thank you and hope to see you there.


All images by our voluntary professional photographer Jacqui Geux – thank you!