Despite the forecast, it only rained once… and with perfect timing, it came down at noon: a great excuse to pack up and have lunch. A very well deserved lunch it was, with all the tasks John had in mind for today, over and done with. Yeah! And even some tasks which weren’t on his list were finished: a long awaited gate to keep the pukeko out of the nursery, potting up of small seedlings and weeding the many plants for our upcoming big planting day with Ricoh. The main task however was to prepare the site for the Ricoh planting: along the “canal” next to “Hercules Bridge” (named after the movie which was filmed here). Mowing, raking and staking were the jobs of the day, to ensure all the plants will be placed where they will grow best.

Highlight of the day was the lunch, as usual, with beautiful soups and breads and even a vegan banana cake to celebrate “International Volunteer Week”. Well, according to me it is every week Volunteer Week, especially with this project, as nobody is employed it would all come to a grinding halt if it wasn’t for all of your amazing voluntary work.

Thank you, once again, and hope to see you next Working Bee, on Sunday 21st of July, 10 am to 1 pm.

Annalily & the trustees – with two of them living the life in Europe at the moment!