Our volunteer Derek March led the Kiwi Conservation Club (www.kcc.org.nz), the junior conservationist group, on a trip through Matuku Link celebrating the life and love of eels. With KCC coordinators Jean and Raewyn, everyone enjoyed the talk, the walk, seeing and feeding the eels. They even released their own, made-on-the-spot eels!

Jean provided a beautiful karakia for the flax which was harvested to make the eels, which has become our first artwork/educational poster in the barn:

Te harakeke, Te korari
Nga Taonga whakarere iho
O te rangi, O te whenua, O nga tupuna
Homai he oranga mo matou
Tihei mauri ora.
(flax, the treasure passed down to us by the sky, the land the ancestors give us health, for our life force.)

Thank you Raewyn, Jean and Derek!

Annalily & the trustees