Sustainable Coastlines have been an amazing help to us this past year, and last Thursday wasn’t any different. After the introduction on the question “why we kill things here in New Zealand” talk by John Sumich, they were handed ‘sharks’, little toothed manchetes, and boy, did they give the sharks a workout!

On an overcast and muggy day like this, the beach was tempting us, but in stead we worked up a sweat by chopping down broadleaved dock, which should grow: “up to 1 m tall when flowering at almost any time of the year” according to the AgriPest website.  Thanks to the horses who grazed here before us, we certainly have fertile soil, because it is growing way above my head at some places, and I do stand a full 1.56 meters tall(ish)!

Thank you Amy, who has lead the teams of international volunteers here with enthusiasm and energy, and keeps spirits high even when the job isn’t half as glamorous as her team might have expected. Luckily we can always count on the eels and our resident pateke (brown teal) to appear and entertain the volunteers. They seem to enjoy it anyway, and at a deserved lunch break we share stories and learn from each other, which is always fun.

Hope to see many Sustainable Coastline groups next year, and I hope some of last year’s volunteers will come back one day to see and celebrate their achievements as part of our amazing project.

Annalily & the trustees