Native wildlife is holding its own and more in the wetland. Matt is our contractor for predator control at Habitat te Henga (funded by the Zoo Conservation Fund). Checking his traps he heard spotless crake this weekend, and saw a bittern the time before that and these or pateke are not infrequently seen on his wetland edge route. At Matuku Link we have found we have at least two pair of pateke with one pair surprising us with ducklings last week but pateke are known to breed at almost anytime of year.

If you live in our area, or around other patches of native bush: a lot is happening so keep trapping and baiting, keep cats indoors at night and take care what you let your dog chase: it might be  one of our fantastic pateke chicks!

Main image of the two pateke by Stefan Marks and image of the chicks made automatically by the trail camera.