What do a flooding, a rahui and tiny Carex plants have in common?

All of them were the reason the yearly Project K groups (through the Graeme Dingle Foundation) came to help out Matuku Link. At Karanga Camp, Annalily gave a presentation about how our work at Ark in the Park helps conservation. The group of 45 people then split into three parties, each helping out at a different project: EcoMatters Environment TrustRanui Community Garden or Ark in the Park New Zealand. But because of the rahui, our group went to Matuku Link instead, where John and Colleen were waiting to put the students to work. Because of the flooding on April 29th, the waterpipe had been washed away, so John’s group went digging and excavating. Colleen and Annalily took their charges to help with potting up Carex, Hoheria and Rewarewa. The students did a marvellous job and were awarded with a walk around the dry parts of the wetland.

Thank you students and coordinators and we hope to see you next time!