With around 40 others we celebrated the second anniversary of Matuku Link. Funders, friends, family, volunteers: we all shared salads and sausages, went for a walk and tried to spot the bats but found glowworms instead! Most of our guests were suitably impressed with the progress since last year’s Open Day in February. Others who had never seen the property before, were impressed with all our plans, including the models by Unitec students as displayed in the barn.

Both John’s did a short thank you speech, with a special mention of the volunteers of Waitakere Rivercare, who worked tirelessly constructing the nursery, and now growing the plants for our wetlands. We enjoyed the abundance of food, including an amazing pavlova by our tenant Marjolijn which was made with eggs from the chickens roaming around the house! Corrie Sumich displayed a newfound skill in stacking sausages and to have Babich as a wine sponsor is an added benefit.

The weather was amazing, probably to make up for last time when we ended the party in the pouring rain, and we had a lovely evening. Thank you all for coming, for sharing our story and our success, and we hope next year even more volunteers will be there to celebrate Matuku Link with us!

Annalily & trustees Matuku Link. 

All images by our voluntary professional photographer Jacqui Geux – thank you!