The fibrolite as cladding might have been a good idea 40-odd years ago, it definitely isn’t a good one now. Fibrolite contains asbestos fibers which could cause a specifically nasty kind of lung cancer. It usually takes a decade or more to develop, which led to a comment that we could ask our ‘over-80-year-olds’ to volunteer for the removal of it! Probably not the wisest idea… that’s why we contracted the team from Morecroft, who specialize in asbestos removal. They had all the right safety equipment for their staff with overalls, masks and gloves, turning them into alien looking invaders, plus an air monitor to make sure it was safe to breath, and even an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove the dust! They certainly removed many rat droppings, old bird nests and spiders as well.

Their managing director took a shine to our project and was able to give us a great deal and ‘mates rates’ on this project. Thank you Jason and  your team of diligent but alien looking staff!

Now it is safe again for our volunteers to work on: adding studs and braces for the next phase of recladding the barn…not with fibrolite this time though!