It felt a bit like a birthday party…and in a way it was: World Wetlands Day at Matuku Link! With cakes, candles, ice creams, picnicking families and hungry eels, it definitely was a party like no other. A lot of people already knew each other from working bees or Open Days, or just from the ‘conservation scene’. Our stall holders from Forest & Bird, The Wetlands Trust and ever charming and knowledgeable Paul Woodard on fish and eels were a great hit with visitors, as were local vendors Sue Beesley (honey), Vanessa (Simplicity Candles) and Rachel Bebbington’s beautiful artworks, all the home baking and don’t forget the poems along the wetland walk! The writer of the poems, John Sumich, was honored afterwards with a cake, speeches and a one-way-ticket to Wladiwodstock in winter to celebrate his 70th birthday and very recent retirement. (The ticket was to give everyone here a bit of a rest from his never ending list of plans and visions!)

We couldn’t have done this without all our volunteers (baking, parking, sizzling, raffling, plum picking, ice cream selling, cash registering, eel feeding, cleaning, coffee making, water pouring, kauri dieback cleaning, guided touring, potting, planting… and lots of other jobs), and our sponsors, thank you very very much, and we hope you enjoyed our party as much as we did.

Annalily & the trustees

All images by our voluntary professional photographer Stefan Marks – thank you!