The Portage and Waitakere Licencing Trusts did a large project two years ago, called “Million Dollar Mission”. A handful of charitable organisations, schools and clubs were selected, and Matuku Link was one of the. Everyone could vote once a day for their favorite group, and each vote was worth $5 towards their goal.

Everyone voted like crazy and we received a whopping $85,125 of that million towards our $120,000 aim for the rebuild of our barn into a Sustainable Wetland Education Center, which was amazing! We’ve been diligently spending that money on materials and our volunteers have been working hard to help with the build.

Unfortunately we also encountered asbestos in the fibrolite, which had to be removed (at a significant costs, even if it was ‘mates rates’!) by a professional company. The septic tank system is also on the verge of giving the ghost, which is an opportunity to replace it with a much more sustainable and environmentally sound alternative, but again comes at a cost we didn’t budget for…

We shared this and all our other stories about Matuku Link with the three trustees from The Licencing Trust, Margi Watson, Pam Nuttall and Catherine Farmer, who visited us today. After an introduction we went for a walk, hosted by our trustees John Staniland and John Sumich. The weather was on its best behaviour and all the trustees enjoyed the morning!

Let’s hope there will be another opportunity for funding soon, as we’re moving forward with all of our plans.

Annalily – secretary Matuku Link