Ken Allington, teacher at Massey High, has been inspiring his students to give back to the community and specifically to the environment. Last year they came out to Ark in the Park to do the baitlines with us, this year that unfortunately wasn’t possible due to kauri dieback. So they ventured out to the neighbours and we hosted them at Matuku Link. Great to see their individual enthusiasm for the environment, their collective interest in topics like predator control – we even had a good debate about 1080 – and keeping dogs on leads and cats indoors. Some hadn’t seen an eel before, which was quite a highlight as well! And our resident pateke (brown teal) were posing neatly on their log for all of the students to be photographed. The students turned their photos and videos into a facebook blog of what they experienced their whole week here.

Part of our aim is to inspire and educate the next generation, and with teachers bringing EcoAdventure students to us, this has become reality over the past year. We can’t wait for our barn to become a more established Wetland Education Center!

Thank you Eco Adventurers from Massey High, you should be proud of yourselves that you didn’t choose paintball, but chose to give back to the community and the environment. I certainly am proud of you supporting us and working so hard on a hot day!

Hope to see you back at Matuku Link at another time,

Annalily – secretary Matuku Link