Ricoh was one of the funders earlier this year for our “Million Metres Streamside Restoration” project, and came last week to help us plant the trees that they helped fundraise for. For of us, Helen from Ricoh, Alaina and Georgie from Million Metres and Annalily from Matuku Link formed the project team to organise the day, which was our biggest group ever. All staff and family were invited to come and help. Over 80 of them turned up, and were divided into three groups, each with a volunteer coordinator. After an introduction to Matuku Link, and demo on Health and Safety (how not to walk with a spade), the teams set off for their relay of work. One hour of planting (Plan and Plant), one hour of weeding (Love and Care) and one hour for a guided walk over the property (Walk and Talk), with breaks for eel feeding and snacks for humans, filled the morning. The catering truck from “Spit roast” brought everything they needed for an amazing lunch, fully vegetarian apart from the burgers and sausages! Relaxing over lunch everyone had the opportunity to have a chat to their colleagues, their family or us, and I’m sure some very nice connections were formed.

Just under 600 mainly kanuka and ti kouka (cabbage trees) were planted today and we hope this is a start of a long lasting partnership between Ricoh and Matuku Link.

Thank you all for coming, and a special thank you to our helpers and volunteers!